OEMとはOriginal Equipment Manufaturingの略で、アウトソーシングでお客様のプライベートブランドを製造することです。日本語では受託製造といわれています。

Selection of raw materials
With our expertise, we will select the raw materials that match your product concept impeccably.
For example:
Whitening effect:Placenta, vegetable placenta, hydroquinone, α arbutin, β arbutin etc.
Anti-aging:Bunaekisu, Alpinia Leaf extract, green tea extract, St. John's wort extract, collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc.
Antioxidant:coenzyme Q10, astaxanthin, birch bark extract, witch hazel extract, α-lipoic acid, vitamin E, nanotechnology:Combination with nano raw materials
nanotechnology:Combination with nano raw materials

Creation of Cosmetic Plan
Once we have the materials selected, we suggest products that fit your cosmetic idea.
For example:
1,For Cleansing, you can choose a gel, oil, cream or liquid.
2,For Face-wash, you can choose solid soap, liquid or foam.
3,For Lotion; viscosity is low or convergence.
4,For Serum; combination higher than the lotion viscosity.

Testing and Production
Once you have chosen the products that you have planed for your cosmetic ideas, samples are then provided and tested to ensure quality and safety. Once deemed viable for production, orders are placed in the lab where it can take 7 business days (14 business days for first time customers) for the items to be delivered.


Options of Pricing
Production line management occurs once the lab has notified us of the price list that corresponds with each volume of your product. Options are available for a variety of packaging and containers of your product to ensure the best possible price for you and your cosmetic clients that will be purchasing your items.

Finalized Quote
Once you have selected the price that your product will have, full costing is provided to you which includes the calculated cost of production, packing costs, freight, profits. The quote is also provided to you with considerations placed on the production lot number, capacity, the delivery location, etc.

Available for Order
Once you are happy and satisfied with your cosmetic product, you submit your approval with specific written standards of ordered goods, and it will be available for order. Produce
Commence production based on the specifications.

Lastly, your final product will be delivered with fully quarantined goods in a timely manner.

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